Industry Challenges

Today’s Life Safety Systems industry faces many inefficiencies and potential for errors

Building owners and life safety technicians can all agree that there are serious flaws in the current dynamic of maintaining essential life safety systems of both commercial and residential buildings. For building owners, cost and efficiency are the most prevalent issues. When there is an error with a life safety system, scheduling a service technician visit is rarely a process that goes smoothly, due to technician availability and variability in service pricing. Sharing records of previous service tickets is also often a hassle since most records are kept on paper and frequently misplaced. Life safety technicians often find themselves in a situation where parts needed for fixing a device are not in stock, or previous records of repairs are not accessible. This often leads to prolonged travel times and extra steps in order to finish what should be a simple job. These simple issues keep a technician from completing jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

Stellnet’s Revolutionary Solution

A modern solution for property management

The Stellguard system simplifies property management by saving time, improving productivity and dramatically reducing operating costs. Just as importantly, it allows property managers and service technicians to perform virtually all daily tasks remotely, with just a few clicks

Benefits for property managers:

Benefits for service technicians:

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