Meet Our Founder

Stellnet Systems Integrations is founded by Dariusz Skarzynski, a veteran of the alarm and electrical industry in NYC for over thirty years. In those years, he owned a Fire Alarm and Security Company, consulting for HVAC, Plumbing, and Elevator installation companies, all while earning a stellar reputation among the city inspectors. Being familiar with the problems technicians and building owners faced, he sought a way to use his intimate knowledge of the industry to streamline the process. For the last four years, Dariusz used his passion for the industry to develop this solid system to solve needless problems and get rid of the extra costs for the convenience of all those within the life safety industry. His determination to make the industry that he loves so much run more productively is what created Stellnet, and his passion is what inspires the experienced and young professionals that work with him to create this revolutionary product.


About Stellnet Integration Systems

Stellnet Systems Integrations is committed to working with each client and technician to give them the best experience possible. Our system saves money, saves lives, and keeps you up to date on all your systems at the touch of your screen. Our hardware and software-based platform is designed for Property Managers and Building Owners to simply and easily keep track of life safety systems on multiple properties with an easy-to-use system. Record keeping and service tickets are finally easy to manage, streamlining the entire process to minimize stress and costs. Our company prides itself on working with each individual business and customizing our platform to meet their unique needs. Our dedicated team, fueled by our founder’s passion, is ready to work with you and meet the necessary requirements to manage your property the most efficient way possible.


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